Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails is an Open Source framework designed for the rapid deployment of database driven web applications. It enforces good design practices and encourages the developer to focus on the overall picture, rather than coding endlessly for weeks on end. This focus on design and testing results in a stable, and optimized final product.Ruby on Rails

Rails provides an incredible range of features for developing dynamic and secure community friendly sites.

Codenza provides custom website development and full hosting plans for Ruby on Rails at competitive rates. Contact us to discuss custom solutions or hosting with Rails.

Why Choose Ruby on Rails?

  • Cutting edge web framework provides the latest technologies for developing modern websites
  • Rapid development of complex database driven web applications
  • Focus on design rather than code results in a stable end product
  • Open Source license means no licensing fees and freedom from End User License Agreements
  • Stability! Rails provides stable and secure sites right out of the box.


Related Technologies

While Rails is primarily a server-side tool, the frontend is not forgotten and technologies to interact directly with a webpage are included in the framework.

HTML 5 and CSS 3

In keeping with our philosophy of utilising cutting edge technologies, Codenza's dev team are well versed in the latest in HTML tools.


No not the floor cleaner. AJAX provides a high degree of interactivity between the user and a website bring webpages alive with content.